Ingu Hayashi

Raised as a foster child in Seattle, Ingu is working hard to complete a college education. She works as a part-time barista in a local coffee shop.

Jayla Ò Gràda

Jayla grew up in foster care along with her best friend Ingu. She eventually married another foster child Brice. Jayla is an expert rock climber.

Brice Ò Gràda

After graduating high school, Brice completed an undergrad degree in Archeology. He recently completed an MA in Japan Studies from the University of Washington.

Boss Ogawa

The elusive and ruthless Boss Ogawa is one of Tokyo’s most feared Yakuza leaders. His gangs roam the streets, extorting business owners and making trouble for anyone who crosses their path.

Kyō Ogawa

Kyō and her husband Kouta own a small sushi establishment in Tokyo. They are a simple but traditional Japanese couple trying to raise their family and live a happy life.

Rei Ogawa

Rei helps her parents with the bookkeeping at their sushi restaurant. She is a practitioner of the martial arts and a fierce proponent helping women be independent individuals.

Halley Garret

As an experienced FBI agent, Halley is methodical in her review of the evidence for a case. Her goal is to find all the holes and make sure the person who is responsible for a crime is brought to justice.

Ward Blessing

FBI agent Ward Blessing likes to bring humor to his job. Ward believes a good joke can dissolve the stress and tension that accompanies a sometimes gruesome scene.


Growing up on the streets of Tokoyo, Tomomi has recently been accepted into a Yakuza clan. Someday, he will be the boss.